Avoid  A Breakup Save 

 Your Relationship TODAY!”


Are You On The Verge

Of A Breakup?

 (If Breakup is the farthest from your mind, 

 then you CAN Stop it now  … EVEN if you are 

 feeling helpless & the ONLY one trying …)



Dear Friends, 

As in most relationships, both you and your partner  started off as a loving couple, enjoying your time together and reveling in your lives and family activities. The issues on “Breakup” and “How to Fix a Relationship” have never occurred in your mind. However, as years went by, both of you started to drift apart as if both of you were strangers living under the same roof.


Why is this happening, you may ask?

The possibilities are many. It could be  due to the constant conflicts and fights, lack of passion and intimacy, busy working schedules and many more…

My friends, Mike and Liz (name have been changed) loved each other but often find themselves in conflict over seemingly minor issues, as most couples do.

Here’s Mike and Liz’s conflict,

“Is this all you are planning for our anniversary?” Liz raised her voice. “ I thought you’ve agreed to plan something romantic and special and what is this?… holding and shaking the roses in her fist very tightly, this is it?”

“Nope, I didn’t agree that I would  plan something,” Mike retorted. “I did tell you that planning something romantic and special is not my kind of thing.”

“Ohhh,  is that so, don’t deny it! You did agree!” shouted Liz.

“Nope, I didn’t agree to anything.  You are the one who suggested  the celebration to prove my love for you.  I hate it when you doubt my love and want me to prove it. Even if I wanted to, I wouldn’t do it, knowing you’re expecting  it! Sullenly, Mike switched on the television. You just spoil all the excitement out of everything”

Liz dissolved into tears. “Well if you  knew how to show your love for me, I wouldn’t need to suggest anything.”

Mike got so pissed off, turned off the television and left the house without a word… 

Does Mike and Liz’s conflict sounds too familiar? Maybe for a different reason…  As Mike and Liz do not know how to handle their conflict amicably, they have chosen  to avoid further conflict, by giving each other the “Silent Treatment” and stayed busy with their own lives.


As you may already know…

“Silent Treatment” = “Silent Killer” in a relationship as couples are not communicating with each other. Without proper communication, relationship issues could not be resolved  and this is a SURE way to destroy a relationship.

What IF you  could avoid the unnecessary conflict over seemingly minor issues?  What IF you know how to communicate properly to your loved one on your feelings and need not resort to “Silent Treatment?”

Let me share some of my proven methods that will miraculously turn your relationship around in a short while…

If you are still with me, most probably you are having some kind of “relationship issues” and are experiencing tremendous amount of pain and hurt.  I can understand your pain and hurt as I’ve personally experienced it  too.


Nevertheless, the good news is…

Most relationships can be saved regardless of how bad your situation is…be it due to abuse, lost of passion, lack of intimacy, constant conflict and others…

Yes, most relationships can be saved if you know how and I will share with you  my proven methods that have miraculously helped thousands of couples saved their relationships in a short while…

As long as you are willing to learn and change your approach in dealing with your relationship issues, you will be amazed with the positive impact it brings in your relationship. 

Although no test exists that can tell you if your problems are typical reactions to the stress and strain most relationships  experience at one time or another  or if they point to  more serious issues, troubled relationships do tend to exhibit many of the same characteristics.


 How many of the following

problems apply to your relationship?

- In your mind, your partner just can’t do anything right anymore.

- You fight constantly.

- You’ve lost the ability or the willingness to resolve your relationship problems.

- Resentment and contempt have replaced patience and love. - You’ve turned from lovers into roommates.

- One or both of you is having an affair. - You go out of your way to avoid being together and when you are   together you have nothing to talk about.

- Your children are reacting to the stress in your relationship by fighting more, having difficulty in school, getting into trouble with the police, abusing drugs or alcohol, or becoming sexually promiscuous.

- You have begun having thoughts about divorce.

- When you’re not around your partner, you act more confident and in control.


There’s still hope …Please do 

not be despaired even if you 

have the above problems … 

Recognizing the seriousness of these relationship crossroad moments is crucial for any couple. 

When you find yourself in any one of these situations, it’s time to take action and AVOID any future problems.

You could LEARN how to fix a relationship from “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today!” system.

You’ll be amazed with the dramatic change in your relationship the minute you start adopting SOME of these miraculous methods.


Please allow me to introduce myself …

My name is Yen. I am a full-time mom and has experienced a fair share of blessings and challenges in my 23 years of marriage.

My predicament began approximately 16 years ago when I had to give up my profession because of medical issues with two of my asthmatic children.  

It was definitely not an easy decision to make as it meant losing one source of income for the family. I was not only dedicated in my new role as a full-time mom, but I was also a chef, chauffeur, principal, housekeeper, nurse and so much more…

Over the years, this multitude of roles became overwhelming and I eventually took on another role as the “Naggy Mom.”

Communication with my loved ones became an issue.  Every word I uttered was perceived as nagging.  Every opinion given was perceived by my husband and family as too controlling.

I was devastated, thinking all my years of sacrifice had gone unappreciated by my husband and family.

That is until I came across this phrase: “Some show love by being around their loved ones without a word.” That quote led me on a journey of Discovery on “How To Fix A Relationship. On this journey, I have learned so many common mistakes, mistakes that my husband and I made over and over, that can have detrimental effects on any relationship.  

If ONLY I had known these mistakes earlier, it would have saved me a great deal of heartache.  

Nevertheless, I have learned how to fix a relationship by adopting the “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Saved My Relationship Today!” system and rebuild my relationship into a healthy and long-lasting one.


If you’d like to save your

relationship today, then I

can help you if you allow me …

FYI,  If it wasn’t for my constant research into “How to Fix a Relationship” and the use of  “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup and Save Your Relationship Today!“ system, I would have likely walked out of my own marriage a long, long time ago.

I believe there are many couples who are now facing the same problems as I once did in my relationship.  I can understand the pain and hurt they are going through. So I decided to share my system with my friends and relatives that I knew were not happy in their relationships.


To my surprise,the results 

were simply  amazing …

My friends and relatives experienced positive transformations in their relationships just by adopting some of the “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today!” system.

Their positive feedback and encouragement has indeed made my hope and aspiration of giving every couple a second chance to fix their relationship a possibility.

However, as much as I like to talk with everyone who wishes to stop their breakup and save their relationship but I simply do not have enough time to do that.

Hence, I have done what I believe to be the next best thing… I have put all my years of experience into a really easy to follow, step-by-step system, “Miraculous Method To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today” for you.

Many find this system works! Some even find this system works too well for them. Now you may be skeptical about this system. But many believe and value REAL life experience more than listening to lectures on relationship issues.

They rather invest their money into a system with REAL life experience. Now, if you are still with me, I believe you have “relationship issues”  and like to know how the “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today!” system could possibly help you.  

If your answer is “YES”, then I think I can help if you allow me…


 Here’s how you can benefit  from “Miraculous Methods To  Avoid A Breakup & Save  Your Relationship TODAY!”

how to fix a relationship




      • Are you unknowingly putting your relationship at risks, create barriers to oneness in your relationship and increase your chances for a breakup? Discover the four negative risk factors that are so destructive to your relationship and avoid the breakup. (Page 6 to 12)
      • There are tell-tale signs that your relationship is in DANGER. You can identify early signs of any danger in your relationship and learn how to  take corrective measures before it reaches an irreversible stage. (Page 13 to 19)
      • Have you ever wondered why you are not enjoying a successful relationship like others do? You’ll discover how you can build a happy, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship just  by having the right mindset and cultivating miraculous methods in my system.
      • Money Issues??? The truth reveals…in my system. Do not miss this part if you want a happy and long-lasting relationship. (Page 23 to 24)
      • Is your love life losing the excitement and fun? Discover powerful tips that will rekindle your love and spice up your dull and routine relationship.
      • Men, this ONE thing is FREE and I am surprised that many men are not taking advantage of it. IF only you know how to take advantage of it and offer it sincerely and free-flowing, you’ll bring joy and smile to your women’s face. (Page 27)
      • Both of you have become roommates than lovers? Discover great techniques to bring the spark back into your sex life. (Page 43)
      • Decision making is part of life but DO NOT make this ONE decision by yourself. Otherwise it will spell disaster in your relationship. (Page 32)
      • All work and no play makes for a dull relationship. “Learn how to juggle between your work life and your love life” to revive your love life. (Page 33)
      • Is your partner spending too much time outside without you? In chapter 14, you’ll find out the Pros and Cons and why understanding them are vitally important in order to build a happy relationship.
      • Worry that your partner may have an affair? INFIDELITY has extensively detrimental effects on a relationship. Understand why partners cheat and how to avoid this relationship pitfall from my system. (Page 35)
      • Women find this ONE thing most frustrating. Men, if only you know and care enough to share this ONE thing, you’ll see how easy it is to reduce the strain in your relationship and bring love back. (Page 36)
      • Fight is inevitable and it can either build or break a relationship. Find out what is “the most destructive thing” you would want to avoid MOST during a fight so that you ‘ll build a strong relationship. (Page 37 to 38)
      • Are you having hard time understanding your partner? Learn how you can take advantage of gender differences and add value to your relationship instead. (Chapter 23)
      • Do not underestimate the power of “Little Things”. Learn what “Little Things” you should never ignore in your relationship to ensure a loving and happy relationship. (Page 47)
      • Losing the connection? Discover 30 awesome ways to reconnect  with your partner and build a loving, happy and fulfilling relationship. (Chapter 27)
      • Romantically challenged? Discover  28 amazing ways to bring romance back to your relationship. (Page 57 to 61)
      • Lacking spices in your relationship? More amazing ideas to nourish your love and pamper your loved ones in Chapter 30.
      • Common mistakes most couples made. Discover what are the common mistakes and avoid them before they destroy your relationship
      • And many more…

Once you’ve learned and adopted some of the miraculous methods in my system, I GUARANTEE you will begin to notice the positive, constructive effect they will have on your relationship just like the rest…



James Smith, 42

“I cannot explain how much difference this system has made to me.  All I will say is if you are having problems at home and you are not sure what to do next, use this system before you decide anything.”

-        Peter Timmons, 26

“My husband Steve and I have been together for around 6 years and even though I have never stopped loving him, there was something missing from our relationship.  This system was recommended to me after talking with a friend, somewhat doubtful as to how much it could help.  Now  things with Steve are a lot better, we are more open with each other, talk more and seem to have rekindled a spark I feared was lost.  Some of the advice is common sense and some things I had not thought about before but overall the system was very good.  I would highly recommend it for anyone have some difficulties in their own relationship, I am glad I have used it.”

-        Mary Watkins, 36

“I wanted to write a personal thank you, your system is well written, easy to follow and full of useful tips and advice.  My girlfriend and I had been having some troubles on and off for a while now and I had no idea if it could be changed, I am very glad to say things have now changed and in no small part due to your wonderful advice.  Thanks again.”

-        Bob Jeffers, 28

“This system offers sound, practical relationship advice, some things you will probably know already and some will be new, but all will be useful, they were for me and I feel my relationship with my partner has entered a whole new lease of life, and its great.”

-        Rose Carwell, 24

“Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup & Save Your Relationship Today!” system has really helped myself and my partner Lou.  I think over time we had reached a stage where we were no longer communicating properly without even realizing,  This system has helped us reconnect and understand what has been missing from our relationship.  I feel closer to her now than I have done in years which I never expected to happen from a $27 system.  Thank you many times.”

-        Liam Wood, 31

Are you serious about

stopping the breakup & save

your relationship TODAY?

You might be thinking, “This won’t work for me because my situation is completely different.” 

I understand that everybody’s situation is different, but I can ASSURE you that this system will help you.

I have customers from all walks of life and backgrounds who have seen success with this system.

During my research, I have found one great tip and that is this adage, “Some show love by being around their loved ones without a word.”

This phrase has fitted so well into my situation and it marked the turning point in my own relationship.  

I’ve painstakingly gathered all the valuable information through hours and hours of research and from my own REAL life experience.  

I believe that if you could learn even ONE great tip from this system to use in your present situation, you could start enjoying a tremendous positive effect in your relationship today.


  How much is your relationship Worth?

Is it Worth a Small Investment?

By now you may be wondering, “How much does a system like this cost?” 

Even though I have had many customers tell me they would have happily paid double for this system that has saved their relationships, I’ve always maintained an affordable price of $27

IF that sounds “too expensive”  for you, think about it like this.  If you were to do your OWN research, you could spend hundreds of hours and hundreds of dollars worth of your time to find all the helpful information that is located in my system. 

In addition, if you were to CONSIDER going to a “traditional counselor“, you would also be looking at thousands of dollars in counseling bills.  Instead of spending all your time and money on these tasks, why not try “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today!” for as little as the cost of a pizza!

On top of this, if my system seems like a significant investment today, imagine what your life could look like in the near future if you do not get any help

Will you still be in an “Unhappy Relationship?“  Or worse, will your relationship end in  BREAKUP?


If you ACT Today, you will not only get this amazing “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today” system, but you will   also get ONE spectacular  “Special Bonus.” for FREE.

On top of the “Special Bonus“, you will also get  SIX other  FREE Bonuses.


Special Bonus

($74 Value) – Unlimited Email Support At No Extra Cost. 

Prompt Respond Guaranteed!

 how to fix a relationship

I understand that every couple is faced with different challenges during their relationship crisis. Sometimes having SOMEONE to confide in is of the utmost importance during this time. Feel free to contact me when you need that SOMEONE!   

how to fix a relationship

($23 Value) – Dealing With Cheating In Your Relationship?

how to fix a relationship

This FREE eBook  offers great tips to  help you make a well informed decision as to save or not to save your relationship so that you do not regret over  making the wrong decision later in life. 

how to fix a relationship

($25 Value) – The Secrets To Sex For Seniors Unlocked!

how to fix a relationship


Do Not Let Your Age Hinder You From Having A Good Sex Life. Discover The Amazing Secrets To Sex For Seniors From This FREE eBook and enjoy an incredibly satisfying sex life even if you’re over 60!

how to fix a relationship($17 Value) – The Essential Key To A Happy Relationship … Be As Happy As You Can Be

Emotions play an important role in determining the success of your relationship. Do you let your emotions take over?  Do you allow your negative emotions to destroy your relationship?  If so, learn how to command and master your emotions from this FREE eBook.

how to fix a relationship($15 Value) – How To Relieve Stress … Stress Free Is The Secret To A Loving Relationship!

In today’s fast-paced life, stress is inevitable. Stress is not only detrimental to our health but also to our relationships. Learn from this FREE eBook the great strategies to help you relieve stress.

how to fix a relationship($12 Value) – Powerful Communication Techniques! An Important Skill To Be Successful In Every Aspect Of Your Life!

This Special Report reveals the secret to communicate effectively. Communication is critical to the successful relationship. Avoid the “Silent Killer” of  “Silent Treatment” to ensure a happy,loving, fulfilling and long-lasting relationship

how to fix a relationship($12 Value) – Discover The Wonders Of Spiritual Healing! To Improve One’s Quality Of Life And Relationship!

This additional Special Report reveals the wonderful spiritual ways to improve one’s quality of life and enhance one’s relationship.



Altogether, you’re looking at a total value of $178  for a single, relationship-saving investment of ONLY $27. 


Ultimately, you have NOTHING to lose because NOT ONLY do you receive my quality system, PLUS these FREE Bonuses, but YOU ALSO have 60 days to try this valuable system and if for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results, simply send it back and I will refund the entire purchase price – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!


how to fix a relationship



  And start adopting the “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today!” as your relationship needs to flourish.


Ask yourself if your relationship could withstand any more trials and tribulations?  Do you or your partner have the patience and positive emotions to keep trudging through?

Do you really want to wait until you have hit the bottom in your relationship? Why leave something as important as your loving relationship up to chance when you have an opportunity to make things right before it’s too late?


how to fix a relationship



 And stop the downward spiral of your relationship now.


Every couple needs to learn how to fix a relationship and make their relationship work.  Is your relationship worth a small investment of only $27, the cost of a pizza

how to fix a relationship



You deserve a second chance to make your relationship work by learning and adopting the proven and easy to follow, step-by-step system, “Miraculous Methods To Avoid A Breakup And Save Your Relationship Today!” that will allow you to rebuild your relationship into a happy and long-lasting one.

how to fix a relationship

  “How to fix a broken relationship” is ONE very important lesson every couple needs to know to ensure that the problems they encounter in their relationship will never fully break it apart.  There are many couples whose relationships have survived the storms they encounter because of their willingness to put in the work a successful relationship takes. Make it happen and your life will be happier and your love will be long-lasting.

  Is your Relationship worth a small investment of only $27, as little as the cost of a pizza? Moreover,  you have NOTHING to lose because NOT ONLY do you receive my quality system, PLUS these FREE Bonuses, but YOU ALSO have 60 days to try this valuable system and if for ANY reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results, simply send it back and I will refund the entire purchase price – NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

how to fix a relationship





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