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Fix A Marriage That

Is Lack Of Intimacy

There are many reasons that may cause problems in a marriage. Lack of intimacy is one of the reasons for ending a marriage. There are times when intimacy may decline and there is lack of marital communication about it. This is a problem of primary concern and can lead to reciprocation of emotion. If you are trying to fix a marriage that lacks intimacy, your situation is devastating as communication is lacking as well. However, do not panic even though your marriage is on the brink of collapse. There is still hope to salvage your marriage. You still stand a good chance to continue experiencing the excitement, intimacy and joy that both of you have enjoyed as in the beginning of your marriage.

Fix A Marriage By Finding The Right Help

Finding the right help to fix a marriage can make all the difference. Many who have identified their problems and searched for the right help have saved their marriages from the verge of divorce. If both of you are truly committed to salvaging your relationship, your wish to fix a marriage may be achieved faster than you thought possible. Therefore, commit yourselves to fixing your problems and place your marriage high on the priority list. You may want to adopt several crucial steps and make a huge difference in your efforts to fix a marriage.

Fix A Marriage By Having An

Open And Honest Communication

The first tip to fix a marriage is communication. It’s extremely important for both parties to have an open and honest communication to solve the lack of intimacy issue. Many couples tend to ignore the real issue and often hope things will get better by themselves. Others may refuse to communicate with their partners on the real issue because they do not want their partners to see them as ‘naggy’ or quarrelsome in the relationship. However, no matter how hard it may seem to talk about the intimacy issues with your partner, it’s a prudent thing to do so if you want to fix a marriage. This is a first vital step in starting to salvage your marriage that is having intimacy issue.

The next step is to listen to your spouse. You have to listen to your partner to understand his/her needs. Learning how to listen is a very important step to fix a marriage. Try to control your temptation of creating false accusations before listening to your partner’s explanation. Don’t simply blame your spouse for lack of intimacy in your relationship. Focusing too much on your partner’s mistakes does not help you to fix a marriage. Instead, try to understand your partner’s situations. Respect your partner’s views and sentiments, and give him/her the benefit of doubt. Your partner will be more likely to compromise and willingly work with you to solve the lack of intimacy issue.

A good way to fix a marriage that lacks intimacy is to reintroduce casual physical contact. A touch is much more intimate than any words. However, honesty is the best policy. Therefore, be honest with yourself and with your partner when you are together. Share your feelings, thoughts and needs with your partner. Your partner will more likely to notice your sincerity in wanting to fix a marriage. Be honest with yourself about your partner’s feelings, expectations and concerns as well.

Another step is to commit to do your best to love your partner to the fullest while trying to fix a marriage. Spending time alone outside is a healthy way in reconnecting with your partner. Holding hands, hugging each other, sharing jokes and laughing together, will bring both of you closer to each other. Being compassionate is a good way to show your sincerity of wanting to save your marriage. Love is a verb and you have to put it into action to build and maintain a good intimate relationship. Therefore, you need to show affection to your partner regularly even though your marriage problems are breaking your heart and are hurting your relationship.

These are great ways to help you fix a marriage that is lack of intimacy. A successful restoration will depend on the issues you have to deal with and your level of commitment. A good support from someone trustworthy like your family, relatives and close friends would be a great help. Sometimes, it is difficult to fix a marriage by yourself and you may need extra help or information. Put in the effort to gather the information required and start rebuilding your relationship into a loving and intimate one.


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