In Love Or Lust?

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Are You In Love Or Lust?

Why Every Couple Ought

To Know The Difference?

Many couples who are in love have mistaken lust for love. Do not make this mistake in your relationship if you wish for a happy and long-lasting relationship. Love and lust have a very close and yet conflicting definitions. A strong affectionate feeling towards a person can be defined as love whereas a feeling of intense longing or a strong sexual desire towards a person can be defined as lust. It is kind of difficult to distinguish between the two as sometimes lust exists in the loving relationship as well. However, reviewing the two separately will assist us in distinguishing the difference between a loving relationship and a lustful relationship.


Are You In Love Or Lust?

Review On A Loving Relationship  

Love affects a relationship in a positive manner. This is simply because both you and your partner are in love with each other and have a tendency of placing your partner’s happiness first before your own desires.

Moreover, both of you behave thoughtfully and considerately towards one another’s feelings. You will always try your best to treat you partner lovingly and respectfully. However, despite being deeply in love with your partner, you may not always be in total agreement in regards to certain activities. Hence,  your activities are only determined after taking into consideration of both interest and a thorough discussion between both of you. You only participate in activities that both of you have agreed upon or have agreed to compromise. Such compromise allows both of you a chance to participate in your preferred activities.

Couple who are in love with each other will build a relationship based on love and will usually last longer.  Somehow a relationship with  love, care and thoughtfulness allows you to work out any relationship issues in a positive manner. Hence this kind of relationship will grow and endure tough times better in the long run.


Are You In Love Or Lust?

Review On A Lustful Relationship

Whereas a relationship that is built based on lust might not negatively affect a relationship but it  also might not be as good as a loving relationship. As in a loving relationship, lust also impacts a relationship in terms of how you communicate with your partner, the  activities both of you take part in and also the longevity of the relationship.

The difference between a lustful and a loving relationship is that in a loving relationship, you have the tendency to give priority to your partner’s  happiness whereas in a lustful relationship, you give priority to your own desires and wants first. This one different itself is sufficient to make your partner feels disrespected and unhappy. As such, your partner may not put so much importance on the relationship. Your selfishness affects the activities in which both you and your partner take part in. You are more likely to take part in activities that interest you more regardless of your partner’s interest.

It is obvious that a relationship that is built based on lust is driven by your own desire. Once your desire is fulfilled, you no longer desire your partner. This kind of relationship will not last long as there is not much left to drive the relationship and it will  begin to die off and a breakup is most likely to happen.

Relationships that are built based on lust are selfish and disrespectful that usually result  in a detrimental and short relationships.


A Loving Relationship Mixed With A Bit Of Lust

Sometimes, it is possible to have lust  in a loving relationship. This is usually due to the fact that you desire to develop a closer physical and romantic relationship with your partner. As such, lust in a loving relationship may not necessarily bad for a relationship. So long as the lust doesn’t take more than the love and turn out to be more influential, then it may be good for the relationship. 

However, a lustful relationship cannot include love. The main feature of selfishness doesn’t allow love to be included into a lustful relationship.  The fact that you are always putting your desires first and not your partner’s somehow make it difficult to build a strong loving bond. Although having love in a lustful relationship is not possible, some  lust added into a loving relationship can assist in building a stronger and closer bond for both of you.

It is difficult to distinguish between love and lust. The key aspects to remember is that a loving relationship is built based on selflessness and thoughtfulness. As for a lustful relationship, it is built based on selfishness and thoughtlessness. These basic differences usually have an effect whether or not a relationship can last long and can withstand tough times.

For couples who are in love and wish to have a happy and long-lasting relationship, it is crucial to be able to distinguish between love and lust, and understand that lust can factor into a loving relationship and possess a positive impact on your relationship as well.


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